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External Blinds

Our high performance external roller and roof blinds are mounted on the outside of glazed windows and doors, helping regulate solar heat, light (glare) and ultraviolet (UV radiation) within homes, offices, education and hospitality buildings efficiently and effectively.


The ‘science’ behind external blinds - explained 

As the solar energy is emitted through the glazed areas, the shortwave energy passes through into the interior areas where it is unable to escape. This increases the internal temperature and creates a ‘solar gain.’ For example, greenhouse heat is 100% generated by the sun’s energy.

External solar blinds can reduce interior room temperatures by up to 18°, even on the hottest summer day

They are also capable of blocking up to 97% of the sun’s solar heat energy by creating a barrier in front of the glazing. This keeps the indoor space naturally cool by reducing the solar gain, eliminating the need for air conditioning and reducing overall property energy usage, build and maintenance costs.

Our exterior blinds can help developers and self builders meet building regulations

The Building Regulations Approved Document O relates to overheating in buildings and recommends the use of external blinds as a solution to reducing overheating in buildings.  


Read Approved Document O for England

Read Approved Document O for Wales 


All of our exterior blinds feature Twilight mesh fabric that reduces the solar gain and makes them unnoticeable during operation.


Other key features include:

  • Electronically operated via remote control

  • App control option

  • Hundreds of hardware and fabric (dim out and blackout) designs 

  • Wind and sun sensor options

  • Sizes available from 0.9m to 6.0m wide and 0.5m to 6.0m depth

  • Wind resistant up to 31mph (Beaufort 6)

  • Face and side fix guide mounting options


Contact us to arrange a free survey and no obligation consultation.

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