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Adding space at Cusop Village Hall

The client

The village hall committee for Cusop Village Hall, which is a community venue based in the village of Cusop in Hereford.

What they needed 

The committee members approached us because they wanted to get more use out of the village hall by bringing some of the surrounding outdoor space, which they had plenty of, indoors.

The venue is surrounded by grass on three sides and has parking at the front. The committee members wanted to effectively extend the village hall by installing a veranda that ran all the way along the back of the building.

Our approach

After meeting with Cusop Village Committee on several occasions to fully understand their requirements and inspect the site, we developed a bespoke solution.

Challenges posed by the original building design and positioning of the village hall meant that installing a standard veranda was not a viable option. All of the verandas we install are tailored to our customers’ requirements, which meant we were able to provide a bespoke solution with ease. 

The challenges

We encountered two main challenges:

1. The original brickwork incorporated decorative peers - that meant the external walls were not flush.

2. The patio upon which the veranda was being installed on top of sloped downwards - by up to 90mm in areas.

Our solution

We overcame the brick peer design by infilling the inset sections with treated timber and covering it with uPVC cladding for a seamless, modern-looking finish. The cladded timber infill created a straight, flat fixing point along the wall that was used to attach the 14m x 4m aluminium veranda.

Meanwhile, we factored in the sloping patio by building a timber frame that mirrored the gradient of the patio and supported the side glazed panels. The sliding glazed panels at the front were bespoke manufactured with a low cill to eliminate trip hazards and ensure easy accessibility. Custom-manufactured glass panels, that were precisely cut to overcome the sloping dimension challenges, were used throughout.

The end result 

The amount of useable space has more than doubled at Cusop Village Hall now that the veranda has been installed.

Finished with a white powder-coated finish and featuring 16mm opal polycarbonate roof panels, the finished structure looks impressive from all angles and, more importantly, can be used for all sorts of events and activities come wind, rain or shine. 

Jim Wesley, Chair of Cusop Village Hall, said: “Greenspace Living did such a wonderful job of supplying and fitting the veranda at our village hall. They were extremely professional in every respect and their workmanship was faultless.”

Would you like to be able to enjoy your garden come rain or shine? Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and arrange a free, no obligation quote.

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